Pack Your Butts and Pack Your Trash






An Anti-Litter and Anti-Cigarette Butt Campaign

(Not an Anti Smoking Campaign:  *Fire it up* Just Pack Your Butts)Harry Conti Hanging Banner

Trash and Butts are everywhere – look around… Yuck! On our Seas, Shores, Streams, Rivers, Creeks, Parks and Puddles…

It is your job to Pack Your Trash and Pack Your Butts!

Monkey:  “What is self realization…?”

Master: “Self realization is no monkey business, you either know what kind of monkey you are or you don’t.”

Monkey:  “What kind of monkey business are you in?”


The Copper Man:  Harry Conti

Phillips Studios:

Save Our Seas Hawaii



14 Responses to Pack Your Butts and Pack Your Trash

  1. Monica says:

    Lightem’ up! Pickem’ up!

  2. I am looking for Harry Conti, Jude Garcia Henderson at I have something special for both you and brother Ray. Give me your email so I can send this to you. Me

  3. Robert A. SC says:

    Hello all, a very long time member of Pleasure Point Night Fighters & a Grear sound man from the area has passed on to the great surf in the sky on 01/12/2013 Mr. Jerry Deniele III. He loved Pleasure Point Night Fighters! and that was all he wore every day.
    I hope some rember him.
    Thank You
    Robert his last BFF.

  4. Alexis Robin says:

    I grew up in Pleasure Point and am now in Tahoe. I’d love to get the movement going up here. Who can we talk to about using the Pack your trash campaign up here?

  5. Drea says:

    I live up north and would love to get the stickers up here….how can I order some?

  6. Jim Falls says:

    The original pack your trash logo with the geek, trash can and wave……. That’s my Holy Grail. I need a new bumper sticker and a bigger (XXL) tee shirt with the logo. Anyone still make these?

  7. Steve says:

    When I used to live in Capitola I was able to find the t-shirts that said “Enpaque su Basura”.
    Where can I buy one now?
    Thank you

  8. Sherrie Ilse says:

    I want to get some t shirts and sweatshirts. 3 ea. Where should I go.

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